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Drake mass arrests update free download. HERE is where you will find all things DRAKE The Playlist is ordered from first (oldest) to the latest (newest) Thus, the most recent video will be at. Mass arrests of this core group have been planned since at least the s — according to Drake, a new whistleblower I recently interviewed. This is the official, full transcript of that discussion — where we combined the strength of what both of us have heard independently about this plan.

“update pm — interview with top insider about imminent mass arrests I am on the plane to this weekend’s conference in Austin. You are about to hear a stunning interview with Drake, an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon “good guys” to come forward and explain what is going to be done.

A Summary of Drake’s Latest Update ‘Arrests, Extraterrestrials, Sea Levels & Prosperity Funds’ Pentagon and military insider Drake has released his latest update of the goings-on behind the scenes in regards to the mass arrests of many members of the criminal organization referred to as the cabal.

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DAVID WILCOCK and DRAKE talking about mass arrests of the Illuminati Xerex UPDATE 2 mass arrests david wilcock benjamin fulford drake bigdu -. Drake is now saying the "mass" arrests will take place one by one (in other words they are no longer "mass"). In this clip (and the link below) Drake talks about people in the "movement" being killed including children of those involved in breaking the cabal stranglehold (hear it for yourself in the clip). TRANSCRIPT OF THOMAS’ POST THIS MORNING: ‘THE EVENT’ Source Thomas has said this is not an endorsement but it is interesting.

I have listened this morning and decided to make notes so we could consider some key points [in the order they were presented and not necessarily logical] – and for those who can’t listen for 1hr 40mins. MASS ARRESTS OF ELITES > UPDATE: Insider Drake - Freedom Reigns, Ap Showing of 4 messages. Drake's educational information to help US citizens take.

CONCORD, NH – For now, the deadly drug pipeline between Manchester and Lawrence, Mass., has been cut off. April saw the culmination of a year-long drug investigation by multiple agencies, bringing in a huge haul for law enforcement officials – 45 people arrested in two sweeps netting 30 kilograms (more than 60 pounds) of fentanyl, plus two guns and $, in cash.

at AM. J LO IS ARRESTED UPDATED ARRESTED & EXECUTED LIST J LO is a high level witch. This has been confirmed many times. Drake has his sources and the match up with the latest from Ben Fulford as well.

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The arrests are continuing and will bring freedom to the American people and the world. The dollar will collapse but the funding set aside by the good guys will likely keep the stock market from crashing as huge as was previously expected (by myself and many others). Drake seemed a bit down beat tonight, Like more delays on top of delays. We understand about promises being Promised and not delivered. Many say its been like this for years and it continues. In my recent post today I said there was a New World of Peace coming, That is still the Case so don’t worry.

The arrest of three people relates back to him. One was a Harvard professor who appears to have created the virus while funded by the Gates Foundation and the other two are Chinese nationals who were working for Microsoft and were arrested carrying 21 vials of the Coronavirus back to Wuhan. These are the mass arrests that we’ve heard so.

Drake, Fulford, Wilcock Mass Arrests?

Drake's reference to the 5-inch thick (the "legal brick") legal declarations underpinning the constitutional sovereignty of action by the parties intent on performing the mass arrests and restoring the constitution indicates this legal plan for constitutional restoration began as early as   Kauilapele – EDITOR NOTES From David Wilcock’s “Mass Arrests Drake Interview” – 12 April Not only have mass arrests begun, but the mass-murdering part of the pharmacidical/medical establishment is finally being taken out as well.

Another obvious sign it is no longer business as usual comes from the fact that the U.S. military is being withdrawn from. Drake, Fulford, Wilcock mass arrests? Update from Fulford: Has revolt started in America? Why the Moonies and Nazis tried to kill this writer last week. Want to read more, Google: Proutscandinavia, Wilcock ab mass arrests etc More from David Wilcock with Drake Fear non although tantric Drake Claims of Independent United States?

Drake Notes for April 8th, I did get a chance to listen to this interview live on Sunday. There was a lot of information about how the usa republic was high jacked by foreign interests and banks.

MASS ARRESTS: David Interviews Drake — Transcript

The best information was when Drake, a representative of the Pentagon, gave a timeline for when the arrests. Drake has mentioned that the mass arrests should take place by the end of May or June, Timelines are subject to change. Drake Bailey was part of Freedom Reigns but is now doing radio broadcasts with Global Voice Radio Network. and will be providing selected media outlets a 24 hour advanced notice about the mass arrests. Imminent Mass Arrests of Globalists, Bankers and Political Elite Imminent Mass Arrests Updated Q&A April 1, Drake stated in an interview on Thursday, Ap, 'Ron Paul is a good advocate for a lot of the things that are coming up and quite frankly, I'd like to see him involved in it.

[3/3/16, PM] Drake Bailey: Congressmen and Senators from ALL States need to sign this Document: [3/3/16, PM] Drake Bailey: New Declaration of Independence This Third Day of October, in the year of our Lord The unanimous Declaration of We The People of The united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it. Drake Update: Sept 2 As usual Ascension with Earth is right up to the minute with the Latest Drake intel updates.

Notice the references to the military not liking the orders they're getting from the Whitehouse. They really didn't like the orders they got last monday- told the man from the strangely shaped office to go pound sand. David Wilcock interviews a top insider, “Drake,” asked by the Pentagon to publicly discuss the mass arrests.

“Drake” points us to the website Freedom Reigns for more details. UPDATE PM — INTERVIEW WITH TOP INSIDER ABOUT IMMINENT MASS ARRESTS.

David Wilcock: Mass Arrests To Happen In Early April

I am on the plane to this weekend’s conference in Austin. Will the Mass Arrests Start with Pelosi and The Obamas? September 4, Geopolitics 2 Comments According to the latest update from Drake [ MP3 ], the following are to be arrested.

CARMA, the Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Mobile Application, is an ACLS tool designed to help guide practitioners through bedside resuscitation. Preliminary trials using the algorithm presented in CARMA has resulted in an 80% increase in patient survival of a CPR event.

CARMA has four independent countdown timers, swipe-able Ventricular Tachycardia & Ventricular Fibrillation and Pulseless. A Massachusetts man was arrested and charged with trying to blow up a Jewish assisted-living facility. Blood found on the failed explosive matched the DNA of suspect John Michael Rathbun, 36, the. Mass Arrests: "Drake" Transcript David Wilcock and Drake Ma - Audio Only Benjamin Fulford's Website Defeating Financial Tyranny Fukushima, Closed Time Like Loops, Data Update Avogadro constant Tachyon ALTA Process Clif's wujo More from Guest(s) / Speaker(s).

Anniston Drake Mink (Male) was 21 years old at the time of the arrest. Anniston Drake Mink was arrested on Below you can find more information about the charges of Anniston Drake Mink (if available).

FRANKLIN, Ind. – Authorities in Johnson County issued 63 arrest warrants as part of a wide-ranging investigation into drug dealing in the area.

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update pm -- interview with top insider about imminent mass arrests I am on the plane to this weekend's conference in Austin. You are about to hear a stunning interview with Drake, an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon "good guys" to come forward and explain what is. Jessica Drake (Female) was 27 years old at the time of the arrest.

Jessica Drake was arrested on Below you can find more information about the charges of Jessica Drake. Federal prosecutors last week announced visa fraud charges against three visiting researchers and a graduate student from China accused of lying about their affiliations with the Chinese military on their U.S.

visa applications.

The “Mass Arrests” Claim, Fulford, Wilcock & Fukushima

Prosecutors initially accused the Chinese government of harboring one of the four researchers, Tang Juan, formerly a visiting cancer researcher at the. The arrest should start in the next few days. Drake Drake. It has come to my attention that a lot of people want to know who I am.

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I will offer a part of the base of what I know without endangering myself or others. The basis of the knowledge I hold is extraordinary in its scope (content and reach) and those whom I am in contact with. Vital Update: Arrests have started, and will escalate I am adding a brief note of my own to Drake's important update: one other person on this list has already been taken out of.

UPDATE PM — INTERVIEW WITH TOP INSIDER ABOUT IMMINENT MASS ARRESTS. I am on the plane to this weekend’s conference in Austin. You are about to hear a stunning interview with Drake, an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon “good guys”. The most significant new data from Drake's testimony, to me, is how these mass arrests have been planned since at least -- and the briefing document was already five inches thick by then.

It is ridiculous to assume that "everybody is in on it" if they are in finance, media, government, corporations or military. Drake Radio Show - Wednesday, August 8, @ Blog Talk Radio * To perform arrests: Study the Insurrection Act (). Study Article I, Section VIII, and the Citizens Arrest doc from Drake's website. Charges of treason must come before Congress. For a treason charge you must find a Judge Advocate (military who is brave.

Westborough Man Arrested in Prostitution Sting - Westborough, MA - Ten people were arrested and charged with sex offenses during a sting in Worcester. The list below is organized by date starting with his first linokrom76.ru, a white knight, is working with the Pentagon, to take out the power structures of the Dark Cabal in the United linokrom76.ru arrests will be taking place shortly around the United States, consisting of corrupted politicians, greedy corporate management, and financial.

David Wilcock: March 28, 2012 Interview With Whistleblower

Diane Drake (Female) was 52 years old at the time of the arrest. Diane Drake was arrested on DIANE was arrested in FORT WAYNE, Indiana. The address information we have on record is: DECATUR ROAD, FORT WAYNE IN The arrest was made by IN   Mass Market Paperback; Publisher: Ace; First Edition edition (April 1, ) Language: English; ISBN ; ISBN ; Product Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 5 inches Shipping Weight: ounces (View shipping rates and policies) Customer Reviews: out of 5 stars 4 customer ratingsReviews: 4.

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